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Vampyres Giveaway by Artsploitation

vampyresgiveawayHorrorNews.net and Artsploitation bring to you Vampyres DVD Giveaway!  Email joyhorror@msn.com with “Vampyres” in the subject line and then your full name and complete address in the body of the email.   Winners will be picked at random.  United States ONLY.

In 1974, an English horror film titled VAMPYRES, written and directed by José Ramón Larraz Gil , premiered to an unsuspecting world. Soon, it became a cult horror sensation because of its sensuality, its gruesomeness and its twisted atmosphere. This new version keeps those graphic elements and the twisted atmosphere, but includes more action, more horror and more gore in telling the story of two vamps that “live” in a dark manor where they bring men with the promise of sex orgies that ultimately become blood orgies.

Víctor Matellano, born in Madrid, is a film and theater director, screenwriter and film writer and member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain. As a film director, after numerous short films such as “Uncle Jess” and “The Ravine of the British,” he made a feature documentary titled Zarpazos! A Journey through Spanish Horror.

His first feature film, released internationally, is Wax, starring Jack Taylor, Geraldine Chaplin and Jimmy Shaw. Vampyres is his second feature film. Víctor is also a member of the Cinema Writers Circle and is the author of numerous articles in trade publications and twenty books on cinema.




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