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Shivers Down Your Spine Bluray Now Available!

Dead Lantern Pictures is proud to announce that the Bluray release of SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE, a horror anthology, is now available!

SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE is a microbudget film from the wilds of Nebraska about a man who finds a beautiful genie who he wishes to tell him a bunch of entertaining horror stories. Over the course of the night she spins stories ranging in topics from ghosts to vampires to 80’s slashers!


Blurays are $20 (shipping included in price) and come packed with the following:

  • 10 shorts films (running time 125 minutes)
    • Out of the Lamp: A man finds a beautiful topless genie to tell him some horror tales.
    • Deadbolt: Alone on Halloween night, a young girl finds something deadly at her front door.
    • Convention Girl:  Two brothers must deal with a dead hooker at a horror convention.
    • Birthday Dinner:  Two parents argue about the best way to punish their child on her birthday.
    • Shortly After Nightfall: A 40’s black and white film noir about a hitman hired to get rid of a beautiful woman in a seedy motel.
    • Last Breath: A psychological thriller about a woman coming to grips with losing the man of her dreams.
    • I Dream of Djinni: A beautiful genie finds her lamp rubbed by a skeezy deadbeat only to give him a series of deadly wishes.
    • A Bad Heart: A serial killer named Ray Dean Foster stalks beautiful woman on Valentine’s Day in unexpected ways.
    • Whispering Board: Three sorority girls attempt to commune with a dead boyfriend with horrifying results.
    • A Christmas Horror Story: It’s the 1980’s, and a killer axe wielding Santa is on the loose!
  • 90 minute feature length Outtake Reel featuring footage from all 10 short films.
  • 6 audio commentary tracks including writers, composers, and actors from every short
  • Bonus short film “Midnight Kiss”. See a short that went horribly awry and was axed from the final film!
  • “Clean” version of A Christmas Horror Story


And ordering instructions, including a full list of acclaimed reviews can be found on the film’s website located at: www.deadlantern.com/2015/04/07/shivers-down-your-spine/

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