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Interview: Rob Archer (Krampus a Christmas Horror Story)

Rob-archer-Krampus-a-christmas-story-interview-(5)Actor/Stuntman Rob Archer (“Kick-Ass 2,” “Pixels,”) stars in “A Christmas Horror Story” portraying Krampus. “A Christmas Horror Story” is in theaters, VOD and iTunes on Friday, October 2nd.  (Available on blu-ray and DVD November 24th)  Mr. Archer spoke with me for a Horrornews.net exclusive and he is one of the most talented and determined man out there.

How did you prepare to portray Krampus?

When I was approached to it, the actual movie wasn’t 100% set in stone, it was still a good story with some great ideas. One of the producers who I know through the industry had mentioned it and said it was going to be a strong possibility and I jumped all over it. The chance to play or even having this iconic horror creature mentioned to me, let alone having the chance to portray him was absolutely massive to me.

I already had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to do photo shoots around that time so I ended up booking all my photo shoots which either way would have worked out good for me even if the movie didn’t happen I still would have had my shoots but everything went perfectly as planned and I did my shoots and came right back and then we got into production of Krampus so I was totally ready for it.


What was it like for you working with the director and the cast?

Working with Steve was amazing. It was my first project working with him. One of the other producers and stunt coordinators Paul, I’ve known through the industry and I knew that he was going to choreograph an amazing fight scene and when they were putting the fight scenes together and I was seeing how things were done. I was like a kid before Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get in and get started. Each day even though the make-up process was grueling I just couldn’t wait to get on set and start bringing Krampus to life with the different thing I have brought to him. The motions, the hissing and the body language. It was really exciting for them to kind of put the ball in my hand and say okay kid, let’s see what you got for us with this guy.

You really made Krampus a unique character/monster. What types of things did you do make Krampus the character he is?

With Krampus what I wanted to do was combine almost like a Marvel character with an animalistic nature. With my swaying and the way I would crouch down before I moved or hesitate. You know bringing that Marvel character and combining it with a cobra and a cougar is pretty much what I wanted to do because he is a creature from the forest. You don’t want him being kind of hokey like a “Blair Witch” or a “Mr. Jones” kind of spooky guy in the forest. This is a creature, this a monster and I wanted to incorporate human traits and with the actual cougar and cobra motions.


What challenges did you face playing Krampus?

Keeping warm on set while filming and making sure I got all my meals into me. There were some days where I was just so exhausted that the last thing you want to do is try to eat. Nobody knows but Krampus doesn’t actually have a nose, like my nose is completely covered. I had cotton up my nostrils and the mouth opened up only just a little bit.

Whenever I hissed or did a big roar I would rip the corners of the mouth so during my eating I could only open my mouth a very small amount to chew food and there were days you know you are just so exhausted that you couldn’t be bothered but you had to do it or else I’d waste away. So one of the challenges was keeping warm and Copperheart did a good job at doing that and the other big challenge was just keeping my food intake into me because sometimes you just don’t feel like it. You just kind of want to close your eyes but it’s like nope you got to eat now too.


What do you want the fans to take away from after watching “A Christmas Horror Story?”

I want them to say that they can’t wait to see part two because that is what we are going to be starting on next.

So there will be a sequel to the film?

There is no doubt in my mind because I am already training for it.


What advice would offer to people who would want to have a long term career in this industry?

Nothing comes to those who wait. For those who wait, everything passes them by. The people that get knocked down and fight and get up and knocked down and fight and keep getting back up and believing and pushing towards what they want are the ones that are going to succeed because I’ve licked the dirt a million times and I’ve been told tons of times that I’ll never go anywhere with my career.

Maybe I am hard headed but I didn’t listen to anybody and I just kept pursuing what I wanted and my dream. So go after it and be passionate about what you want and do everything you can to get it because there is not one single successful person in this world that no matter what they are doing or what line of work they are in. They have experienced failure over and over again. That is part of being in the film industry. You have to accept that you are going to fail if you are going to go to the top.


Rob on Twitter @BigInkdArcher

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