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Wicked Crush Wednesday: Sarah French

Wicked Crush

Sarah F 1What got you in to horror?

 I’ve loved horror since I was a kid. My mom was very religious and would never let my sister and I watch horror flicks. When our grandma would babysit us, we’d have her bring us to the video store and we’d talk her into letting us rent horror flicks. One of the first horror movies I can remember watching was Halloween II. When Jamie Lee was hiding in the car outside of the hospital while Michael looks for her…. scared the shit out of me! Being scared was and still is a thrill, I love it!

  1. What is the one role you’ve been dying to play but haven’t gotten the chance yet?

I’ve always wanted to play a vampire. Not the Twilight bullshit, but more along the lines of Bran Stokers Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, and Lost Boys…. sensual and sadistic.

  1. Is it more fun for you to play the victim or the Final Girl?

Although the victim role is always fun, I love being the final girl. Its very empowering.

  1. How do you usually prepare for a death scene as an actress?

It depends on the role and character. If I’m running through the woods and the killer throws an axe and cuts off my head, its a quick swift kill. If its a scene where I was shot and my lover is holding me while I slowly die in his arms, theres more emotion to it, its more deep. Something like that, I’d have to mentally prepare for.

  1. What projects have you been up to lately?

I just filmed a cool scene in downtown LA for the movie, “The Night Watchmen”. Lots of cool people involved, be sure to check it out! Just wrapped on filming a music video for the band Twiztid. Those guys are so nice and the fact that they love horror is even better! I have a few flicks coming out this month too! Post production just wrapped for the movie, You Found Me. A psychological horror that will make your skin crawl. Also coming out is a short I did a while back called Bad Habit. I play a serial killer who’s trying to kick her bad habit of killing. Definitely worth checking out! I’m doing a few horror conventions this month as well! The first one is Rock and Shock in Worcester, MA, October 16-18th. We’ll be premiering Chainsaw Maidens that weekend, a tromaesque horror comedy I worked on outside of Boston last year. The weekend after will be Crypticon Minneapolis, October 23-25th. That show will be premiering, A Cursed Coven. A fun flick I did last year.

  1. How can your fans reach you?

If you want to learn more about me and keep up with me, be sure to check out my website at www.sarahfrenchonline.com . Keep an eye on me, I have lots more to show you coming up!!

Sarah F 3


Sarah French is a model and actress from Minnesota. She got her start modeling when she was discovered at a metal concert, her favorite genre of music. She modeled under the name Scarlet Salem and then continued to use that name when she began to act in films, commercials and music videos. To date, she has done over 30 films with titles such as Shriek of the Sasquatch, Zombie Pirates, Insectula! Creature from another World, Potpourri, and Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead. She has been featured in magazines such as “Gorezone” and “Girls and Corpses”. For a few years, she also wrote a scream queen column for UK based magazine, “Shock Horror”. In April 2011, she dropped the Scarlet Salem name and began to use her real name for all future work. She resides in Los Angeles, California and continues to work steadily in film, commercials, and music videos.

Bio Courtesy of Sarah French Online Website

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