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Film Review: Harvest (short film) (2015)

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John is a doctor at day, a organ harvester at night….


Another short film for you, kiddies! Today’s selection is HOSTEN (HARVEST) from Apotheosis Films in Denmark. This film is in Danish but subtitled in English with an intro from Troma president and founder, Lloyd Kaufman.

Our story opens with a doctor named John (Kim Sonderholm) who has taken on a bit of side business by selling organs from less than willing donors. His buyer Zarko (Slavko Labovic), however, is bit picky. Looks like the good doctor has one last chance to find the right organ or he may become an unwilling donor himself.

With time running out and options limited, John heads for the internet and contacts a hopefully acceptable soon-to-be victim (Siff Andersson) on a fetish site. They arrange to meet and the game is afoot!

SHORT-FILM---Harvest.mp4.0010 SHORT-FILM---Harvest.mp4.0009 SHORT-FILM---Harvest.mp4.0006

A classic cautionary tale based on urban legend, this film is straight to the point. It doesn’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. The special effects are all practical and pretty decent. The acting is believable. The score is fun.

Overall, not too bad.

So using my special “short scale” of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 4 scalpels.

SHORT-FILM---Harvest.mp4.0004 SHORT-FILM---Harvest.mp4.0002 SHORT-FILM---Harvest.mp4.0017



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