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Film Review: Satan’s Coming for You (short film) (2015)

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Two Satanic serial killers have an acid trip and meet Satan himself after exhuming a body from a cemetery.


Another short film, this time we have SATAN’S COMING FOR YOU. This is an indie production, starring only two people, who are also the writers, directors, editors, cinematographers, caterers….you name it, one of these two guys did it. In fact, these two guys have done this together once before on another short film, SCUMBAGS:A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DRUG DEALER. I wish I could see that first film, based on the fact that everything I have read about it suggests it is a much better film than this one.

In this film, Bubba (Matt Marshall) and Alistar (Dakota Bailey) are two Satan worshipping pals who decide to dig up Bubba’s late wife/girlfriend/whatever she was (that he killed, BTW) and bring her back through ritual. Oh, and apparently get a little payback on the guy that was messing around her in life. They drop some LSD and find themselves face to face with Old Scratch himself.

SHORT-FILM---Satan's-coming-for-You.mp4.0009 SHORT-FILM---Satan's-coming-for-You.mp4.0007

Now, all that stuff I just described in the previous paragraph? You don’t get to see ANY of that in this film. Well, you sorta do, but not really. Mainly it’s Bubba driving around talking to the camera, telling stories that seem to be improvised more than scripted.

The music in this film isn’t terrible, though. Along with a huge playlist provided by Kevin Macleod (most indie filmmakers are familiar with his royalty-free website, incompetech.com), Denver-based death metal band Cattleist has loaned two songs to the production as well.


If you are familiar with my reviews, you know that I will give love to an indie film even if it kills me. I can’t help but feel that the filmmakers are trying to make a statement of some sort, but either I just don’t get it or they seriously failed to achieve that goal. The film reminds me of how something seems so damn funny and/or profound when you’re wasted, but when you revisit it later, it’s kinda stupid in the sober light of day.

SHORT-FILM---Satan's-coming-for-You.mp4.0012 SHORT-FILM---Satan's-coming-for-You.mp4.0013

Maybe it’s just me. I’m just a reviewer and this is only my opinion. If you feel I’m being too harsh, by all means watch the film and judge for yourself.

Otherwise, using my special “short scale” of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 1 black candle.


  1. Matt Marshall

    What do we have here? Another wannabe filmmaker that’s what. They are too lazy to make there own films so they slam other people’s films because they are too lazy to make films themselves and who cares if it’s two people that do everything in the film? And why’d you make up the rumor that we do the catering? Are you discriminating against me because I am big?

  2. Why don’t you post my comments? If you are going to take shots at people at least give them a platform to have an opinion too! Take this reveiw down. Your are jeopardizing my career as an actor!

  3. Editor’s note:
    Our reviewer gave a fair review of the content. Actually in reading it sounds pretty darn conservative in comparison to what other reviewers of mine might of written. Though seeing that this post continues to be a source for unappropriate responses, we are closing off commenting.

    I short, my advice is: If you don’t want a unbiased review, then don’t contact us to review your content.
    Easy enough