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Interview: Olivia Luccardi (It Follows)

Olivia-Luccardi-it-follows-interview-(1)Actress Olivia Luccardi is one of the stars in the film IT FOLLOWS. Olivia has guest starred on such television shows as HOUSE OF CARDS and ORANGE is the NEW BLACK in which she played Jennifer (and we truly hope #OITNB “Orange is the New Black” will bring her character back, she was a great attribute to the series) I spoke with Olivia for a Horrornews.Net exclusive interview.

What was it like working with Director David Robert Mitchell?

Olivia Luccardi- He is a very quiet guy but, has a great vision. He wants you to make it your own with that natural, real feel to it.

What was it like playing Yara in IT FOLLOWS?

Olivia Luccardi- Yara is a lot like me in a lot of ways. Yara was sort of a moral compass and sort of an oracle in a way. I had a lot of fun playing her.

What was it like working with your fellow cast members?

Olivia Luccardi- We had a really great time and we had a lot of fun. We all still keep in touch. It was supposed to be this scary movie and in between takes we were laughing.

You guest-starred on House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, what was that experience like?

Olivia Luccardi- They were kind of crazy cause I got both of those shows and to be a part of them was sort of mind boggling.  Then I got to work with Jodie Foster on one of her new projects called “Money Monster,” so me and her built a relationship and became friends. I’m hoping that maybe somehow they will bring me back to “Orange is the New Black.” They left it kind of open (for her character to return).


What challenges did you face filming IT FOLLOWS?

Olivia Luccardi- I had a lot of fun being shot but at the same time it was the first time I had to tap into what feeling immense pain feels like being shot. That was one of those small little challenges that I dealt with. It was such an amazing time shooting it and I made great friends and everything else. It was cold and freezing. That was probably the biggest thing though because it was cold and we were dressed like it was summer.

What are you working on next?

Olivia Luccardi- Right now I am auditioning but I just shot a couple of movies in May. One is called “Diamond Soles,” it is an indie film. Also a film called “Ladylike.”


What advice would you give to other actors/actresses?

Olivia Luccardi- Believe in yourself and follow your gut. I believe that is why I have gotten to where I am, which I’m so grateful for. But believe in yourself and don’t stop believing in yourself.

Good advice from a talented actress. IT FOLLOWS will be out on Blu-Ray & DVD on July 14th, make sure to pick it up!
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