Book Review: Into Hell – Author William Ollie


Into Hell by William Ollie (Delirium Books) Miller’s lost, cloaked in a darkness that refuses to release him. He can’t run and he can’t hide, nor can he sidestep whatever’s tracking him. He’s cursed, duty bound to walk these cracked and broken streets, to do what he’s told, go where he’s sent and push himself forward, to follow this bloody path no matter where it leads him.

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Book Review: Fifteen Minutes – Author William Ollie


FIFTEEN MINUTES by William Ollie (Dark Regions Press) It is a ring, forged deep within the jungles of Ecuador, centuries ago. Sixteen-year-old Simon had no idea what he was getting into when his mother packed him off to spend the summer at Granny’s house. A cat’s eye ring with mystical powers. The first thing he noticed was the hip clothing, the uncharacteristic sultry language and wild, futuristic hairdo. The second was the cool ring she … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lord Of The Mountain – Author William Ollie

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LORD OF THE MOUNTAIN By William Ollie “October 1929 Times are hard in Whitley, West Virginia, and harder times are just around the corner. But not for William Pitch, as long as he returns to Ward Rock Mountain and gives that creature what he wants. And not for the Mayor or the Judge, or the young country doctor as long as they play along with Pitch. Earl Peters signed on for two reasons: more money, … Continue reading

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