Trailer: The Ritual (2012)

The Ritual (2012) A man arrives at a seedy highway motel and learns that his estranged wife has killed a stranger who is connected to a dangerous cult.

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Film Review: The Occultist (2009)


SYNOPSIS: When a group of med students go to take their final exams, they find themselves subjects of a twisted and bloody Satanic ritual led by their professor. It’s up to two of them to save all. REVIEW: In these austere times it is admirable for a film to be produced for a relatively small budget. I don’t meant the micro-budget films such as Everyone Must Die which are made for less than the price … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Ritual – Author Adam Nevill


THE RITUAL Synopsis: Four old college friends reunite for a fun-filled trip to the woods. Unfortunately, people change and the group realizes that they aren’t as close as they were when they were all still in college. Worse yet, they have seen to have taken a wrong turn and soon find themselves hopelessly lost in the vast wilderness. The fun-filled trip that the group hoped for soon becomes a living nightmare as they realize that … Continue reading

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