Book Review: The Secret History of the Reptilians – Author Scott Alan Roberts


It’s not often that you see many books on the subject of reptilians. While the subject is quite fascinating, it also is one that many don’t take very seriously. I suppose the years of science fiction films have been a buffer that quickly dismisses this possibility as something Kirk might do battle with. However there are a few authors and speakers who have done the research to bring to us a little closer to the … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim – Author Scott Alan Roberts


The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim: The Untold Story of Fallen Angels, Giants on the Earth, and Their Extraterrestrial Origins The Nephilim, not a word you hear everyday. In fact its more relational to fiction than of historical event. Author Scott Alan Roberts tends to lean towards the factual notion of these strange beings with a release that covers more info than you ever wanted to know. The Nephilim, to bring you up to … Continue reading

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