Film Review: Empty Trash (short) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Mark (Loren Farrand) is a paroled ex-con and janitor who’s trying to haul himself from the gutter. Mark’s boss, Don (Wade Dienert) is a grade-A asshole who blackmails him into pulling off what is known in the heist movie genre as “one last job.” Mark recruits Rudy (Eric Morcos) and Greg (Josh Mazurkiewicz), two dim bulbs who couldn’t rob their way out of a paper sack. The sh*t gets crazy and before you know … Continue reading

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Empty Trash: brings on the sadism


Minnesota filmmaker J.L. Sosa has embarked on a quest to irrevocably pervert the minds of moviegoers worldwide with his 26-minute short film, “Empty Trash.” “Empty Trash” is a neo-noir crime drama/horror film about a paroled ex-con who is forced into executing a small-time heist that quickly descends into sadistic mayhem. Those who enjoy dark humor and the macabre might expect to be merely entertained. While “Empty Trash” delivers on that front, it will also expose … Continue reading

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