Book Review: Conspiracies and Secret Societies – Author Brad Steiger

Conspiracies and-Secret-Societies-The-Complete-Dossier-Second-Edition

CONSPIRACIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES (PAPERBACK) 2nd Edition Written by Brad Steiger, Sherry Steiger Published by Visible Ink Press Format: Black /White – 556 pages Price: $24.95 I love to come across books with great value. When I say that, I’m referring to nicely sized volumes containing oodles of research, chapters and sections that are easy to read and a wealth of knowledge passed down by the authors motivation and sheer zest for collecting information. Brad … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Brad and Sherry Steiger talk about ‘Conspiracies and Secret Societies’


Unexplained Confidential presents: Exclusive Interview w/ Brad and Sherry Steiger Book: Conspiracies and Secret Societies Conspiracies and Secret Societies have become common place in American history. Do you think in 2012, our Government now hides more or less from “we the people” than it has in the past? It is now more difficult than ever to discern the cover-ups and the disinformation from the chatter on the Internet. There are thousands of conspiracy sites, … Continue reading

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