Behold the trailer for CAMEL SPIDERS


I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is a CAMEL SPIDER? Right? Lucky for you I am here with at trailer so you will soon know everything you would ever need to know. This one looks like a SYFY channel special if I’ve ever seen one. March 27th is the release date on this one. It’s gonna be a spider killing good time! During a routine desert patrol, an U.S. Military unit head by … Continue reading

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Film Review: Camel Spiders (2011)


SYNOPSIS: Based on actual creatures that for years have tormented our armed forces in the Middle East, these creatures have now invaded the southwestern deserts of the United States. The Camel Spiders now freely hunt for prey, unafraid of any predator – including man. No place is safe no one is beyond their paralyzing sting. In the end, a small band of hearty fighters are forced to make one last stand against the creatures REVIEW: … Continue reading

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‘Camel Spiders’ Crawling Insect Carnage


To science, they are known as “solifugae.” They can grow up to one foot in length. Stories about these seemingly mythic creatures started surfacing when U.S. soldiers encountered them in the first Gulf War. Google™ “camel spiders” and for anyone with even a hint of arachnophobia, you’ll find videos and pictures of an eight-legged, true life nightmare. Thank goodness they’re thousands of miles away…or are they? From master creature feature maker Roger Corman comes a … Continue reading

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