Film Review: Asylum Seekers (2009)


SYNOPSIS: In an odd turn of events, six troubled individuals arrive at an asylum to find they must compete for the last remaining available space. Their only contact in the facility is Nurse Milly and her two orderlies and the ever watching, ever present, “big brother” authority known only as “the beard” and only heard through the hospital’s speaker system. The six become friends, enemies and even lovers as they face challenges to become the … Continue reading

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‘Asylum Seekers’ Insane dark comedy arrives


Rania Ajami’s Dark Comedy “Asylum Seekers” Coming to DVD in August June 20, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA — Breaking Glass Pictures will release director Rania Ajami’s debut film “Asylum Seekers” on DVD August 30 under the Vicious Circle Films label. The surreal dark comedy depicts six strangers competing for admittance into a luxurious mental asylum where only one empty bed remains. Synopsis: Work, deadlines, family, terrorism, information overload … As modern life pushes the world … Continue reading

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