Top 15 Hottest Sexiest Female Vampires


If you had a chance to check out our hottest alien females, then you probably already started thinking about hot vampires to boot. Now I’ll be the first to admit that hot vampire chicks seems …well quite the bit hotter than hot alien chicks. Maybe it’s that they want to kiss your neck and drain you or maybe its that alot of the early vampire films (70’s and such) often added that lesbianism overtone. In … Continue reading


Film Review: In Their Sleep (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A tormented mother, Sarah (Anne Parillaud), mourning the loss of her teenage son, drives into a young stranger, Arthur (Arthur Dupont), on the road home. Soon after he comes to, another car races down the deserted road toward them. Fearing for his safety, she escapes the other vehicle and brings Arthur to her home to tend to his wounds. When the other vehicle later appears outside, the past begins to unravel and Sarah must … Continue reading