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Alessandro Manzetti’s THE MASSACRE OF THE MERMAIDS Debut


Horror short stories collection
Author: Alessandro Manzetti
Publisher: Kipple Officina Libraria (April, 2015)
Book cover by Ben Baldwin
Editing by Jodi Renee Lester
eBook edition – Pages: 51 – Language: English
Stories: The Massacre of the Mermaids, The Rosary, The Slicer, Der Bruter, The God’s Meridians, Mictlan, Blood in Jerusalem
Available on Amazon and major online booksellers
Amazon Link: goo.gl/KywV4o

From the Bram Stoker Awards® nominee Alessandro Manzetti comes a new horror, weird, gory, and dystopian short story collection. “The Massacre of the Mermaids” includes seven visionary and disturbing stories set in the future and the past: the apocalyptic and bloody Rome dominated by the first She-Pope who organizes shocking exhibitions in the new Coliseum; the bloody and cannibalistic Jerusalem during the First Crusade with gangs of rapists, criminals, and anthropophagy addicts; the future ultra-violent district Paris Sud 5 with a human landfill; the Nakara, a slaughterhouse-prison dug into the bowels of the moon, the first organized human breeding in history, managed by the diabolic Slicer; and the subterranean rooms of Mictlan, the Aztec hell that destroys Spanish victims, sacrificing them through unthinkable and brutal rites. “The Massacre of the Mermaids” will leave you breathless. The limit has never been so violated.

Excerpt from the story “The Massacre of the Mermaids”:

(…) Women destined to become mermaids are prepared with care in the transformation rooms, thanks to advanced technology. Circular saws bisect the bodies, slicing through them just below the navel. The wounds are immediately sutured with injections of plastic cells, then tails of tuna, stored in large containers full of ice, are grafted onto the torsos of the women’s bodies. Their legs, the waste of the new mermaids, are chucked into a large meat grinder and made into meatballs, which will be distributed to the spectators during the show. Pandemic responsibility.
The Dagonachie offers a complete experience, sensory and emotional. The shows is very expensive, but the budget of the Black Hen’s propaganda seems to be infinite. The stages of the T-Girls, the transgender amazons of the new Rome, are placed at the center of the first ring where they enjoy an excellent view of the massacre below. (…)


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