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Break a Leg (2014)


LEYTON BUZARD is a former child star who is no longer getting any work. Driven on by his biggest fan, his mother PAULETTE, Leyton is coaxed into going it alone by writing, directing and starring in his own movie ‘Break A Leg’ – about a group of young friends who travel to a place called Trepps Creek where a dangerous killer lurks.

Once in the woods, which will double up as both location and base, Leyton quickly realizes that he has bitten off more than he can chew. Especially since his rotten cast seem hell-bent on proving how spoilt and rotten movie stars are. They continue to humiliate him at every opportunity, that is until Leyton snaps. When a sick and twisted practical joke goes wrong this will lead to dangerous and hilarious consequences…..and people will be killed – all in the name of making a movie….’Break A Leg Guys!’….

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