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Author Gregory Lamberson tackles zombies, werewolves, and voodoo

Award winning author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson has unveiled a trio of horror books which will be published in 2012: Carnage Road, The Frenzy War, and Tortured Spirits. In addition, he is developing a new feature film to star Debbie Rochon.

First up is the zombie novella Carnage Road, which Creeping Hemlock Press publishes April 3rd through its Print Is Dead imprint. The tale centers on Boone and Walker, the last two members of the Floating Dragons motorcycle gang, who set out on a cross country odyssey during the zombie apocalypse.

Lamberson explains, “When RJ and Julia Sevin from Creeping Hemlock Press he asked me to write a novella for their new line, I tapped into my love for Easy Rider, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Lonesome Dove to tell a story about two bikers who travel across America during the zombie outbreak and experience what happens when the government falls. It isn’t a pretty picture, but it may be my most personal work, and I really enjoyed writing the characters.”

Medallion Press will publish The Frenzy War, sequel to Lamberson’s werewolf novel The Frenzy Way, in June. “When I wrote the first book, I knew there was enough material for one sequel, but I didn’t expect to write a whole series,” says Lamberson. “I’m not interested in being known as ‘the werewolf guy’ any more than I am ‘the zombie guy.’ But I think the sequel turned out so rich and complex that I now expect ‘the Frenzy Cycle’ to run four or five books. I love telling big stories with multiple characters.”

October will see Medallion’s publication of Tortured Spirits, the fourth book in the occult detective series “The Jake Helman Files.” The story begins in New Orleans shortly after the events in Cosmic Forces, which now send private investigator Helman on a personal quest to a Caribbean island where a dictator uses voodoo to impose his will on the local population. Helman’s actions stat a revolution which involves several thousand zombies.

“This fourth book is the biggest and most action packed story I’ve written, and it serves as a climax to the story so far,” says Lamberson. “I’d love to see the series run twelve novels, but if I make it to six, I’ll have told the story I set out to tell, and will have subjected my hero to a lot of horror. Jake’s emotional and physical well being changes from book to book, so he’s never the same guy twice.”

All three new titles will be published day and date as print editions and e-books. Lamberson is currently writing a top secret project for Medallion which involves cutting edge technology; the film Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast, which he co-produced, is in post production; and he’s developing a new film called Scaremonger to star Debbie Rochon.

“The script for Scaremonger is written, Debbie’s on board, and I’ve reached out to other actors who are interested. The challenge, as always, is raising the money, and that’s a bigger challenge now than ever before. The economy is forcing indie filmmakers to work on increasingly smaller budgets or switch to making web series. I showed what I can do with $50,000 on Slime City Massacre, and I want to move forward as a filmmaker, not backward. This one may need to gestate for a while. I’d also like to make Slime 3 down the road, and a version of Frankenstein.”


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