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Horror Talk 5

Heya my faithful dark ones!
Ah say I as to the week I’ve had. Lots and lots of stuff going on with Halloween approaching. I want to know what everyone’s going to dress up as! I have no clue as for myself yet so maybe you can drop by and give me some ideas. Also, I need to address some business… I am constantly asked how to pronounce my name. It’s Dai like night and day. Not like Die or as one person called me Dia! hahaha. I know it’s different but as I am different myself, it fits! haha. So next time you say my name as die, I’m going to be offended. haha Just kidding!


News Quickies:
‘Because who doesn’t like a quickly every now and then?!’

HorrorNews.net makes big waves among Horror sites-
Awww! Im so proud of this! Go to some of the other sites and check out how there pages have changed to resemble none other than HorrorNews’ site! Guess we’re on to something ey’?!

Last House On the Left’ remake a-go-
Remade from the Wes Cravens 78’s version, it has been announced that it will go ahead and promises to be better than the first.

Saw 5 comes in second in box office-
Of course the stupid Chihuahua and a crap ass movie about delusioned high school punks should do well. I guess the brainless out number the masses.

Sci-Fi channel to release a college edition of their popular ‘Ghost Hunters’-
Didn’t A&E already cover this market with ‘Paranormal State’? Well let’s hope their occult specialist isn’t as annoying as Elfie! haha


What I’m watching:

I got a chance to watch ‘Cottonmouth’ this week. Killer stuff! It’s a short film about a group of angry ghosts who confront the man they felt had caused them their pain. You can catch it Oct.31 starting at 12am and trust me, you def should!



The winner of last weeks contest is Jennifer H. of New York City, NY!
Congrats to you doll and thanks for entering!

As Halloween is just around the corner, this week’s prize is a bit bigger and better than the last few weeks!
This week I will be giving away:
Trailer Park of Terror – DVD
Quench – DVD and
A group of goodies from me!!!

Here’s what ya gotta do:
If you can tell me 3 things being:

-How many horns did I give Trailer Park Of Terror?
-What kind of tragedy did I call Quench?
-In my tagline after my reviews, it says I have —— in my blood.
Fill in the blank!
(Hint- All this can be found in the Film Reviews Section)

Email me the answers and wait for next weeks edition to see if you’ve won!

Contest ends Monday 12am Nov.3rd

Thanks again for dropping in and checking us out! Be sure to enter the contest and check out “Cottonmouth” Oct 31!

Stay Twisted!

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