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Film Review: Mr. Tricker’s Treat (2011) (Short Film)


Some people take Halloween too seriously.


Now here is a short that is worth its weight, and just in time for Halloween. Mr. Tricker’s Treat is done as a horror short should be. It develops a premise, misleads and ends on a surprisely twisted note.

Mr. Tricker has been a naughty neighbor. His yard and Halloween display has been exceptional every year. Though you’d never know how exceptional until you spent a little time with him. As we open up on 2 young boys who have been kidnapped and kept in a sorry state, we begin to assume the worse. Mr. Tricker has a thing for young boys? Well not in the way you’d expect. His neighbor shouts out to him about how great his decor is this season AND how lifelike. Tricker though, likes to keep his decor authentic. Authentic to Tricker means real bodies for optimal realism.

The short plays out on this note and captures the essence of Tricker as a dufus with a rather violent streak. I loved the ending and the way everything rolls out. The pacing is solid with a tight well rounded parody on the more darker sides to Halloween activities. If you get a chance, you’ll want to take a look and remember to draw this one up on your “screams for a Halloween” event. Great Stuff!

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