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Book Review: Halloween Spirits – Editor Lisa Morton

Halloween Spirits – 11 Tales For The Darkest Night
Edited by Lisa Morton

Introduction by Lisa Morton
Someone to Carve the Pumpkins by Kealan Patrick Burke
Carrion Man by Joseph Nassise
The Devil Came to Mamie’s on Hallowe’en by Lisa Morton
The Gunner’s Love Song by Joe McKinney
The October Girls by Scott Nicholson
Trick or Die by Rick Pickman
Thursday by Simon Janus
The Outlaws of Hill County by John Palisano
Bones Lie Quietly Now by Nate Kenyon
Coming Home by Maria Alexander
Almost Paradise by Jeremy Shipp
About the Contributors

When Lisa Morton says she is editing and releasing an anthology for Halloween, we in the horror realm take notice. Lisa has been called one of the foremost expert on all things Halloween in the world and I would have to agree with that summation.

Not only does she know Halloween inside and out, she is a hell of a writer and editor.

Her latest anthology “Halloween Spirits” does not disappoint. Some previously published and new tales populate this exceptional collection. It is a veritable collection of tales from some of the finest purveyors of horror fiction today.

I couldn’t find a weak tale in the bunch, they were all fantastic in my opinion, though I did have a couple favorites.

“Carrion Man” by Joseph Nassise was exceptional, in fact I wouldn’t mind if Mr. Nassise wrote a full length novel about the “Carrion Man”, I feel there is a lot there to explore.

But my favorite by far was “Coming Home” by Maria Alexander. You might not think that this story fits in a Halloween anthology but I would have to humbly disagree with you on that point. In fact, this just might be my favorite short story this year.

Since I know you all love Halloween, I fully expect you to use the link above to purchase Lisa Morton’s latest anthology, if you don’t….well I think I will just let you dwell on that.

“Halloween Spirits” receives my highest Halloween recommendation and has just been added to my annual Halloween to be read pile.

Halloween Spirits – 11 Tales for the Darkest Night Edited by Lisa Morton

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