2011 Viscera Film Festival Winners Announced!

The news just hit came out of the Viscera camp that the winners of this years film festival have been chosen and deemed awesomeness!

Viscera 2011 Awards

All of the film makers were given awards for being accepted into the festival and three were chosen for outstanding achievement in their craft.
Our congratulations go out to:

Faye Jackson who won the BEST FILM for LUMP

Mae Catt who won the award BEST DIRECTOR for 12/15/1996

Tyrrell Shaffner who won BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY for Threnody

Shannon Lark in front of the venue.

From all accounts, the film festival was a major win for not only the creators of Viscera and the film makers but also for the horror genre as a whole.
Founder/Director of Operations Shannon Lark and Director of Programming Heidi Martinuzzi worked tirelessly to make this year a year that fans of horror would never forget and have seemingly succeeded.
Professionals and fans alike have expressed their elation and gratitude to these ladies and the festival via venues like Facebook, websites, and blogs.
Our further congratulations are further extended to all involved in the making of Viscera!

For more information on the Viscera Film Festival and to see if their chosen films will be shown around your area, please visit

Photos and information were provided by Jamie Jenkins, Viscera Film Festival Director of Marketing

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  1. joe says:

    a great read Dai, just wish i could have made it!

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