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Art Imitating Life – An AZ Horror Film Maker Found With Mother’s Corpse In His House

Too bad Hitchcock isn’t with us anymore, we have a real life psycho to talk about today.

Timothy Fattig, an Independent film maker from Tuscon, AZ, has been arrested for keeping the remains of his deceased mother in his home for over a year. Authorities went to check on Fattig’s 68 year old mother, Jill Fattig, and questioned her son who reportedly told them his mother was in a hospital. But Mama wasn’t in the hospital, her skeleton was found in the home where Fattig has been living. (I wonder is they found a wig near by…)

According to the Arizona Daily Star Fattig told deputies that “when he found his mother dead, he was so overcome with grief he never reported her death.” (A boy’s best friend IS his mother, after all…) Some of Fattig’s Facebook friends have told me that he has spoken about his mother passing away on February 25th. If the autopsy revealed that she most likely died of natural causes so he will probably be charged with failure to report a death instead of homicide.

A quick search of Fattig revealed that he is the proprietor of a small company called Desert Screams Productions and a aspiring historian who wrote a biography on Wyatt Earp. (Now what would Mr. Earp thing about one if his fan hoarding corpses? I don’t think Fattig could be his Huckleberry after this one.)

Here are a few links to the pages I found of Fattig’s for your snooping pleasure:

I will keep you updated as more becomes available.

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  1. Mr. Fattig and his mother lived in separate residences, not in the same home. You can throw out you Norman Bates references altogether. He is not an “aspiring historian”, he is first and foremost an historian and writer, with one book already published and another in progress. He is also a Western reenactor in the town of Tombstone.. The horror film connection is just a hobby, and he has written two scripts.


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