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Interview: Lydia Hearst (The Haunting of Sharon Tate)

Actress Lydia Hearst (#HORROR, DESIRE, SOUTH OF HELL, Z NATION) stars in “The Haunting of Sharon Tate” directed and written by Daniel Farrands. The film stars Hilary Duff as Sharon Tate, Jonathan Bennett as Jay Sebring, Lydia as Abigail Folger, Pawel Szajda, Ryan Cargill, Bella Pope and Tyler Johnson. Lydia talks about her new film and more with Horrornews.net Hi …

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Interview: Vince Lozano (ACTS OF DESPERATION)

“Vince Lozano, known for playing Jacoby in Pirates of the Caribbean, is available for interviews to talk about his illustrious career and new film Acts of Desperation, which he stars in and produced. Lozano, born and bred in Cleveland, has also appeared in such films as Encino Man, Father of the Bride Part II, The Seekers and Swelter with Jean-Claude Van Damme. His TV credits include American Horror Story, The …

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Interview: Jonathan Bennett (The Haunting of Sharon Tate)

“Based on one of Hollywood’s most chilling murder cases, this spellbinding thriller follows 26-year-old actress Sharon Tate (Hilary Duff), a rising star about to have her first baby with her husband, director Roman Polanski. Plagued by terrifying premonitions, Sharon sees her worst nightmares come to life with the appearance of Charles Manson and his deadly cult. THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE is written and directed by Daniel Farrands (The Amityville Murders, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy), and stars Hilary Duff (“Younger”, “Lizzie McGuire”), Jonathan …

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Interview: Lyndsey Craine (Book of Monsters)

“BOOK OF MONSTERS is directed by Stewart Sparke (The Creature Below), written by Paul Butler (The Creature Below), and starring Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser), Lyndsey Craine, Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton, and Michaela Longden.” Actress Lyndsey Craine (“The Creature Below”, “Long Gone”) stars in the new film, “Book of Monsters.” She took time to do a Skype interview with Horrornews.net Check out the interview. Okay, First off, Thank you so much for taking the time …

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Interview: Lightfield Lewis (Lightfield’s Home Videos –The Movie)

“I am Lightfield Lewis and have been a sometimes actor (Lot of TV in the 90s) and film/content creator. I created the viral wedding video dead hearts  that garnered over 4M views between Youtube and Vimeo. Welcome to my campaign to see the creation of – Lightfield’s Home Videos (The Movie): Part artist’s journey drawn from my lifetime of video tapes and archives, part …

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Interview: Production Designer Richard Hoover (Second Act, Twin Peaks)

“Richard Hoover, who created the iconic sets of the original Twin Peaks, along with HBO’s Newsroom, and the Academy Award winning film Girl Interrupted. Most recently, Richard Hoover designed the sets of the upcoming romantic Comedy film Second Act, starring Jennifer Lopez and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, This Is Us). Second Act is an inspiring story of a middle-aged woman who lands her …

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