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Top 6 Best Haunted House Horror Movies to Watch on a Date

Do you love those films where the protagonists enter a gloomy mansion, where ancient family portraits glower at their every move? It would surely be better to have someone to cuddle closer to while awaiting the next jump scare. If you sign up for an online dating outlet, you could easily connect with ghost movie fans. Registration is always straightforward. …

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13 Forgotten Halloween Classics

Halloween always means tons of candy, horror movie marathons, naughty nurse costumes, and, of course, holiday song lists. These “horror rock” rundowns usually put “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and “Pet Semetary” near the top, alongside a parade of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie tunes. But, to shake things up, I’ve hit the vinyl boneyard to unearth a few …

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The Most Overplayed Game! A Century of Hunting Humans on Film – Part 2

It’s time to load the crossbows and unleash the hounds for Part 2 of The Most Overplayed Game. We’re running down the endless parade of Most Dangerous Game knockoffs. After that we’ll jump in the Hum Vee for a real-life human safari. Hard Target (1993) Director John Woo’s English language debut suffered from star Jean-Claude Van Damme’s creative interference, including …

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Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967-1968)

Gerry Anderson’s, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967-1968) holds two distinctions. Firstly, it contains some of the most dazzling miniatures and special effects created for television. But it’s also one of the most violent shows to be broadcast before cable loosened the reins of censorship. Oh, did I mention Captain Scarlet was a puppet show for children? It’s a genuinely …

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It’s Not You Kong, It’s The Script: The 1976 King Kong’s Dialogue Dilemma

The 1976 King King remake often receives harsh criticism, some deserved. Undeniably, the creative team succeeded in delivering an often revisited cult film. Producer Dino De Laurentiis, director John Guillermin, and screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr. delivered a fine reimagining of the 1933 classic, a film that captivated audiences as the holiday movie release of the bicentennial year. The Me Decade’s …

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Dogs Days of Summer Horror

We are in the middle of the “dogs days of summer” and what exactly does that mean?   While some might refer to astrology, I look for answers in horror movies.  Here is a short list of animals to stay away from in this summer heat… or else. But seriously, treat your animals well… because every pet deserves more. Sponsored by …

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Marketing Macabre Top Ten News Stories July 2021

Marketing Macabre Top Ten News Stories July 2021 10. Sneak Peek at ShadowMarsh starring Lew Temple, Mike Ferguson, Dave Sheridan, and Felissa Rose Sneak Peek at Matt Leal’s new film, SHADOWMARSH starring Lew Temple (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Walking Dead), Mike Ferguson (Apex Predators, The Devil’s Heist), Dave Sheridan (The Devil’s Rejects, Scary Movie), Jackson Everest (Z …

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Director Ingmar Bergman – A Retrospective of His Works

Horror News is mostly devoted to horror as a definable separate genre, that is, to films that draw upon (and occasionally expand) an existing tradition. Most of the directors and writers who work in this field are very conscious of belonging to a generic tradition. But fantasies and nightmares can be created by anybody, and it sometimes happens that directors …

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