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Horror Funding: FRANCES STEIN

The next feature film from Big Biting Pig Productions

Big Biting Pig Productions has released a Kickstarter for their next project “Frances Stein”!


The direct link to the Frances Stein Kickstarter:

Think of Frances Stein as a modern day female mad scientist movie!

  • Frances Stein is a thriller that is written & will be directed by a woman, PJ Woodside.
  • PJ Woodside also wrote and directed The Creepy Doll & Lucid, both of which are now available streaming on Amazon Prime!
  • This will be Big Biting Pig Productions 9th feature film!
  • Their last release “The Caretakers” has been nominated for a Rondo Award for  “Best Indie Film of 2014” and was also recently nominated for Best Feature Film at the HorrorHound Film Fest!
  • Frances Stein is being targeted for release in the Fall of 2015.
[springboard type=”video” id=”1502939″ player=”horn005″ width=”480″ height=”400″ ] www.bigbitingpigproductions.com

If you’d like any further information about Frances Stein or Big Biting Pig Productions please feel free to contact us at:

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