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Book Review: Gone Feral – Author Ted Nulty

Gone-Feral---Author-Ted-NultyGone Feral
By: Ted Nulty
358 Pages

After a chemical outbreak has wreaked havoc on society it doesn’t take long to realize the aftermath has affected humans as well as mammals. Turning creatures into bloodthirsty corpses hell-bent on ravaging all within site, a group of Marine personnel and everyday civilians strive to survive. Following the chronicles of several characters in San Diego, Bemidji, Minnesota and Atlanta we find out what it takes to stay alive and what happens to those who succumb to Gone Feral.

This novel was an exceptional reading experience from page one to the very final paragraph. I was first introduced to author Ted Nulty through less than conventional circumstances. In the spirit of maintaining a thorough, honest and non-biased review I’ll refrain from going into elaborate detail on those circumstances. I will state, however that I find Mr. Nulty a class act that is a true rarity in a sea of vultures. Anyone who has had the experience of interacting with him cannot help but be touched with his generosity, compassion and unprecedented desire to make a difference. That being said I hope his writing endeavors will captivate, you the reader in ways that will resonate long after the final chapter.

Nulty has a phenomenal way of depicting pulse pounding terror, descriptive action and grisly detail that never fails to accentuate unease. Fair warning, his action scenes are not for the faint of heart. A certain passage comes to mind utilizing a discarded femur to puncture a car tire comes to mind. Fans of the zombiefare genre will not be disappointed.

I’ll do my best to resist from divulging too many plot spoilers. The concept behind using infected mammals of all kinds is innovative and refreshing. Of all the novels I’m assigned for review on a weekly, monthly, let alone annual basis the majority of the titles are post-apocalyptic or zombie related. Suffice to say there are tremendous kudos to any plot line with integrity towards innovation.

The central antagonist isn’t necessarily a definitive classification. At first glance we believe the enemy is the zombies within themselves. There is much more going on here as the author places a complex system of layers in the story telling process. The use of terrorism breaths a sense of authenticity into the tale, reinforcing the believability factor. Perhaps this concept isn’t as far-fetched from a very ominous reality as one may think.

The dialogue is intriguing and seems to reign true. Interpersonal relationship between brothers Dan and Scott is heartfelt even in its rivalry. Many siblings who engage in Gone Feral will relate to and live vicariously through the written word. Comedic relief comes in dry, subtle wit and is a most welcome interruption to the doom, dread and despair of the bulk of the story.

Effective plot escalation is conceived and crafted through following the exploits of our central characters in three separate locales. It keeps the story flowing at a compelling pace as we can’t wait to see what happens with the corresponding characters at the turn of each page. The cliff hanger type prose at the end of each chapter creates a sense of suspense in awaiting what fate may lie ahead.

The author’s applied knowledge of military intelligence is a little intimidating at first. Some verbatim and use of code may be off putting to laymen’s that are unfamiliar with marine practice and protocol. It may create confusion, and leave some readers lost in the reading adventure. On the other hand maintaining discipline while reading these passages will no question provide some new knowledge for audiences and the payoff is more than worth it.

An exciting climax places readers in the highly anticipated hot seat of the forth coming sequel Barry’s Walk.

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By Dave Gammon



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