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THE DIVINE MOVIE Most Brutal and Bloody Action Movies in Recent Years?


The Divine Move, delves deep into the seedy world of underground GO (baduk) gambling rings and one ex-professional player’s deep desire to avenge the murder of his brother for which he was framed and sent to prison. CJ Entertainment releases this smart, jaw-dropping action film on DVD and Blu-ray March 17, 2015. This title will retail for $26.98 SRP (DVD) and $29.98 SRP (Blu-ray). Bonus features including Making of The Divine Move and The Divine Move movie trailer are available on Blu-ray.

Tae-seok, played by JUNG Woo-sung (The Good, The Bad and the Weird), is an ex-professional baduk player and a fairly good gambler who likes high-stakes games. When Tae-seok’s brother gambles his life away in a high stakes game of Go, Tae-seok is wrongfully accused of his murder and sent to prison after he is humiliated and defeated in a gambling game by an underground kingpin, Sal-soo, played by LEE Beom-soo (Over My Dead Body, Lifting Kingkong). Fighting for his life and yearning to avenge his brother’s death, Tae-seok spends several years in jail training non-stop to battle against anyone in the gambling world who stands in the way. When Tae-seok is released from prison, he gathers the best master players of GO to prepare the biggest play for revenge.

Non-stop Thrill Ride with International Stars JUNG Woo­-sung and LEE Beom-­soo
Bonus Features Available on Blu-ray

The Divine Move drips with non-stop action from the moment it starts to the closing credits. One of the most brutal and bloody action movies in recent years, The Divine Move showcases the results of countless hours of training that action movie masters JUNG Woo-­sung, LEE Beom-­soo, and newcomer CHOI Jin-hyuk invested in the making of the film. According to Director JO Bum-gu, he aimed “to expand the limit of action spectacles of Korean cinema.”


The Divine Move is presented, produced and presented by Showbox and Mediaplex, and distributed by CJ Entertainment

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  1. This movie might have been about a guy out for revenge not sure.
    I’m looking for a movie I saw back in 94 or 95 I think I don’t know if it was made in those years it was a martial arts or action crime movie very gory and disturbing.
    I cant recall the name or the actors only these 3 scenes The 1 scene that stands out in my mind. There was a part in the movie where this fight takes place I think in a bar maybe this guy grabs this big guy with a beard I think? and starts twisting his arm around until his bone pops out then tears his arm off or half off. The 2 scene I recall is a guy who gets his arms broken then put in a car the bad guys pour a bottle
    of liqueur down his mouth then drive him off a cliff. The 3 scene is towards the end? where this Asian bad guy with black no knuckle gloves and a goatee gets his head blown off from a shotgun by the same guy who tore the big guys arm off. This is the only description of this movie I can give. I cant not find this film any where can you help me? I only saw this movie towards the end I never saw this movie on TV again?


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