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KNIGHT CHILLS II Previews 1st Art

KNIGHT-CHILLS-IIA handful of years ago a story about a misfit who escapes his meek life via his role playing character who just happens to be a death dealing knight of immense size, was released. The film had a respectable domestic release and was released in several foreign countries. As the film moves towards the 20th anniversary of its filming, it was announced that a book was being penned by author David Hayes from the original screenplay written by husband and wife team Jeff & Juanita Kennedy as well as the film’s producer/co-star DJ Perry.

The rumors of a new sequel were confirmed by www.cdiproductions.com  that DJ Perry is writing the sequel script.

“The sequel will star a pair of new faces but will feature a few characters from the original. Sir Kallio will most definitely be back in action.” – DJ Perry, writer

The films antagonist is the seven-foot tall dark knight, Sir Kallio, which was named after Perry’s director friend Mike Kallio, formerly from Michigan and known for films such as “Hatred of A Minute” and “Mutant Swingers From Mars”.

The first artwork announcing the sequel is released here. Shoot dates, locations and cast has yet to be announced.

More updates can be found here on the official social media site





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