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Film Review: Self Assembly (short film) (2014)


In a self-assembly cabinet, bereaved parents find a monstrous substitute for their dead son.


Director: Ray Sullivan

Self Assembly is a short film (11:25 running time) that tells the story of a young couple whose son is hit by a car while playing in the rain. Sometime after, while the husband is watching TV, the wife sees a fairly creepy face flash up on her laptop advertising a sale on a cabinet. Since, for some reason, the couple is in need of a cabinet, they order it. Not long after a large box arrives with this same creepy face on the side. While the husband looks the box over, we catch the eyes on that face move. The couple then put the cabinet together.

That night they are awoken by a strange noise from downstairs. They find the source of the noise coming from inside the cabinet. Opening the doors, they find a deformed, alien –looking infant creature. The husband looks dismayed but his wife cuddles with the infant seeing this as another chance at being a mother.

We then see days pass by and the alien creature growing up. Upon graduation day, during a party for one, the creature is listening to loud music and drinking.   After the husband has had enough, he unplugs the stereo which angers the creature and decides to bash his “father” in the head with the whiskey bottle until he creates a mushy mess on the floor. The creature then turns on his “mother” and kills her.

Self-Assembly-short-film-Ray-Sullivan-(3) Self-Assembly-short-film-Ray-Sullivan-(2) Self-Assembly-short-film-Ray-Sullivan-(1)

Afterwards, the creature seems saddened and begins crying when the doorbell rings. The creature opens the door and we find a man standing there with that creepy face. The man hugs the creature and leads it outside to his car where, lo and behold are two adult creatures that resemble our young lad. The man drives off into the horizon with the new family happily enjoying their new family.

This movie is all in black and white and no dialogue between any of the actors. It still manages to tell the story in full without missing any of the basic plots. We never find out exactly what this creature is, where it came from, or why it appears in this cabinet. Those can be left up to the imagination. It’s also assumed that the creature never leaves the house.

While not scary this short does a good job of being what it was. I would have liked to see the creature look different than just some shapeless fleshy man.

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