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Toxic Spill in Toyland Early Santa Promo Shots

Christmas has a way of bringing on dark times, especially in the genre of horror. Alex Faulk sends early word of his mutant Santa Piece now under planning titled “Toxic Spill in Toyland”. It appears there is more naughty here than nice!

Toxic spill in toyland is a new Christmas horror film about an owner  of a old toy factory. He was setup by some greedy employees that drowned him in toxic waste once they found out he had a hidden fortune. Only the owner comes back to seek his revenge!”

Early stills below!

Toxic-Spill-in-Toyland-promo-stills-(3) Toxic-Spill-in-Toyland-promo-stills-(1) Toxic-Spill-in-Toyland-promo-stills-(2)

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