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Resurrecting the Slasher Genre – Advance Stills for SIN

Slasher film genre is resurrected in Sin

A murderous Archangel is on the loose in Sin, a modern slasher film being produced by Nathan Seals Productions with help from horror genre fans.

Sin is a slasher horror film that will slice, chop, and burn its way into your mind.

The story follows a sheriff who is trying to uncover the murder of a young woman in a small farm town, only to discover that the town is hiding a terrifying secret. This is a town driven by religion, where a woman is struggling to return home and a murderous priest is seeking to cleanse the world of evil. “I want to make a modern slasher, like those 80’s slasher movies,” said writer and director Nathan Seals. “I’m in love with this particular type of film and I consider Sin to be my loving addition to the genre.”

Filming will take place in several locations in Indiana, including the abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, Ind., where scenes from Nightmare on Elm Street were filmed. A lot of the costuming, gore, and makeup have been collected, but additional funds are needed to begin filming in early February. To raise these funds, Nathan Seals Productions asks fans to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign, which launches on Dec. 11 and runs until Jan. 6.

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To learn more, visit the Sin: A horror movie Indiegogo page:

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