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Horror Art: Aldo Requena


Aldo Requena, also renowned as “Valgorth” is an Argentinian creator with a passion for art, designs, coding and digital media. He specializes in the creation of characters, creatures and artwork with macabre, sci-fi or surreal themes. His breakthrough came in 2005, producing the cover art for the German heavy metal band ‘Paragon’. Since then he has created covers, album art, character designs, graphic art and been involved with web design and branding for various projects in the music, advertising, and publishing industries.  His artistic style reflects an interest in mythology, science and the occult, and is strongly influenced by a long list of talented artists, books, musicians, films and unusual aspects of life.

Aldo-Requena-art-(6)Aldo-Requena-art-(5) Aldo-Requena-art-(4) Aldo-Requena-art-(8) Aldo-Requena-art-(7) Aldo-Requena-art-(1) Aldo-Requena-art-(2) Aldo-Requena-art-(3)

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