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Extreme Horror HELLBILLY Returns After 10 Years

SGL Entertainment has just picked up HELLBILLY an extreme horror film that has been lost for more than 10 years. The movie which was written, directed and produced by Massimiliano Cerchi was recovered and delivered to SGL Entertainment for Distribution. “We are very excited about this horror gem” quotes Damien Dante CEO of SGL Entertainment

“This Movie is over the top and really pushes the envelope in extreme horror”.

SYNOPSIS: In a small town in Nevada, all Hell breaks loose when Billy, a disfigured hillbilly and direct result of incest between brother and sister decides to dismember anyone who gets in his way. This movie is the lost works from horror filmmaker Massimilano Cerchi, and is now being released for the first time ever. WARNING: This film contains unspeakable acts of violence. The movie stars: Beverly Lynne, Nick Armas, Spanky, Michael Brazier, Joe Commesso, Steve Conaway, Anthony Krieg, Candice Stringham and Clayton Bigsby.

Beverly-Lynne-2 HellBilly-Poster-Art

HELLBILLY is Now Available as a Special “VOD”  Video On Demand Pre Release and will also be released on DVD and as part of The Killer 4 Pack Vol 2 DVD in 2015.

Rent or Buy “HELLBILLY” at:

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