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Award Winning Short DARK ORIGINS Offers Quick Scares

Award winning short horror film DARK ORIGINS has been released online after a fright-filled tour of the international film festival circuit. Written and directed by Australian based screenwriter Evan Randall Green, the tense character-driven film tells the story of a psychologist who discovers the terrifying trauma haunting her young patient may in fact lurk beyond the girl’s fractured mind.


After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise partial production costs, the low-budget short went into production mid-2013, where it was shot in two and a half days with a small crew and was completed before the year’s end. Selected to screen at over twenty film festivals around the world, the film was nominated for several awards and took home top honours for BEST NARRATIVE SHORT at both the Fright Night Film Festival and the LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood. Rising actors Rosie Keogh and Jane Barry also received acknowledgement for their roles as Ella and Kay respectively, with Rosie Keogh being awarded BEST ACTRESS from three of her four nominations. But the road to finding success, even on a small scale, isn’t always the smoothest.

“Making this film was an enormous challenge without a large crew on hand or a bigger budget like several of the short films we competed with at festivals,” said Green. “However, if you put your mind to it and surround yourself with talented people who share your vision, anything is possible.”

Also the writer of soon-to-be-released horror feature THE PACK, Green has two more short horror films he says are “ready to go, but awaiting investment” and hopes producing both will provide him leverage to raise finance for one of the low-budget feature projects he is developing.

DARK ORIGINS can be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/112448283

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