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Interview: Ian Fetterman – Pumpkin Carver Extraordinaire

Ian Fetterman a talented artist who is a member of The Alternative Gallery in Allentown, PA. His pumpkins have become infamous. The custom-carved pumpkins Fetterman creates have been featured in the HALLOWEEN: The Complete Collection. Fetterman’s pumpkins have also made their way around the convention scene as everyone from Danielle Harris, Norman Reedus, Robert Englund, Slash, Jeffrey Combs and William Forsythe and more. He is incredibly talented and he took part in an interview for Horrornews.net.

Janel- Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into art and pumpkin carving?

Ian- hi, my name is Ian Fetterman. I was born in Easton, pa. I enjoy watching movies in my down time. Also going to conventions meeting awesome people. As of late I’ve been on the go with work & the pumpkins, so I haven’t had much free time to hang out with friends as of late. Well my father is an artist, so I guess I got some of my artist skills from him. As far as how the pumpkin carvings started, I have my dad to thank for that. As far back as I can remember I always carved real pumpkins and then three in half years ago my father told me about these foam pumpkins they sell. So I gave it a try and you can say the rest is history.

Janel- Which pumpkin has been the most requested for you to carve?

Ian- Most requested ones I have to say are the Halloween 1 &4 covers along with the jack and Sally from nightmare before Christmas pumpkin. A lot of people want their own custom pumpkin, so it can be a challenge sometimes.

Janel- This is a very open question? What are some of your favorite Horror films?

Ian- Oh boy, without a doubt it’s John Carpenter’s Halloween along with Halloween 2 are my favorite, but I enjoy titles like chopping mall, the burning, the stuff, prom night, terror train, body bags, dark half, tourist trap and popcorn to name a few. I love the titles that scream factory, blue underground and synapse films have been releasing as of late. I really enjoy 70’s & 80’s horror the most.

Janel- Who were you most excited to show a Pumpkin Carving to and why?

Ian- Mmmm i have a couple on the list, but I have to say first has to be Danielle Harris from Halloween 4 & 5 along with many other films. She was the nicest and sweetest person. Then I think it has to be Norman Reedus and Roddy Piper. Both were just blown away by the detail. Asked a lot of questions about the pumpkin. But pretty much I get excited to meet whoever is on my bucket list to meet.

Janel- You are part of the HALLOWEEN Boxed set and the pumpkins YOU carved are featured behind Danielle Harris and more! How did you feel when you watched it and saw your pumpkins on the HALLOWEEN boxed set?

Ian- I was blown away when I saw them on screen for the first time, it gave me chills seeing the hard work I put into the three pumpkins I did for the box set. When I was contacted to do be involved in the project, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a honor to be asked to carve the Halloween 4, 5 and h20 pumpkins. Once I started getting screen shots before the release, it just got me so excited to see the final product. Which soon all three of the Halloween pumpkins will be auctioned off. Everyone that sat in for the interviews signed the back of them. Jamie lee Curtis signed the H20 pumpkin, so that one should be huge. If anyone wants to check out the pumpkins, you can see the H20 one on the H20 disc and the Halloween 4 & 5 are on the bonus disc which is in Rob Zombies Halloween 2 case in the Halloween ultimate box set on bluray.

Janel- Why did you decide to go with The Alternative Gallery?

Ian- My friends asked me if I could carve some Freddy Krueger pumpkins for the 30th anniversary for the movie. I said sure and the rest is history.

Janel- Do you have any advice for upcoming Artists?

Ian- Just follow your heart and your passion for your art work. Don’t let anyone discourage you or your art. Art can be whatever you want it to be in all forms, shapes, sizes and media. Plus be firm with your prices. Don’t let someone talk your price down, if they don’t want it for the price you’re asking, someone out there will. So be confident in yourself.

Janel- Tell us how we can get ahold of you to purchase a pumpkin and do you take personal orders?
Ian- You can contact me on my Facebook page of the Facebook pumpkin page. http://Www.facebook.com/ianspumpkincarvings Instagram or my email IanFetterman80@gmail.com I do take personal orders. Everyone pumpkin that I post, it was asked by the customer.

Janel- There have been a few interesting Horror films released, is there a new movie that speaks to you and makes you say, Hey, I have to make something special for that film?

Ian- As of now there isn’t anything pulling me in. I’m hoping soon someone will bring back the 70’s & 80’s style and feel. Horror movies today just haven’t caught my eye or moved me like the ones I grew up with.

Janel- Who inspires you in Art and in life?

Ian- I have so many who inspires me. My one close friend Chris Garofalo is an amazing artist. He takes movies covers and takes them to a new images on silk screen paper. As of late we have been teaming up, as I take his work and carve them onto a pumpkin. The end product has been fabulous. So the collaboration has been great for me. You can check out Chris’s work on his website Quiltfacestudiosstorenvy.com. Also Joel Robinson, he has done art work covers for scream factory. Joel also has a piece of is work in the upcoming fan book from Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. Everyone should go check out Joel’s Facebook page and he is on the convention circuit now, so by his booth and chat with him, great guy to talk too. I own many pieces of art from Chris and Joel, so everyone should too. You won’t be disappointed! I also get a lot of inspiration from my family. They have been supported every step of the way.

Janel- What has been your most difficult project?

Ian- I don’t know if one pumpkin is more difficult over another. I think the horror’s hallowed grounds pumpkin I carved for Sean Clark was probably the toughest to do to date. I’ve carved so many over the three in half years I kind of can’t keep track of all of them. Thank you! Hope everyone enjoys my pumpkin carvings and it’s always Halloween year round. Happy Halloween!

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