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Horror Funding: Zombie Blood

Did you ever think you could try blood of zombie?


Zombie Blood® is coming to conquer the night
The funds for production and initial marketing will be raised thanks to a crowdfunding campaign
Zombie Blood® is the first blood like spirit in the market. Its colour, thickness and bloodcurdling taste will give a unique experience to whoever tries it. Finally there is a different shot that will take you to the darkest side and will change you forever.

The Zombie Blood® is pure zombie cult. Its label will also draw attention, it shins in the dark and a terrifying surprise will come up as you drink. Which would be the perfect packaging for this original drink? It’s exactly what you are thinking of, a coffin.

Few days prior Halloween, on Tuesday 28th of October, Zombie Blood® is launching its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Its goal is raising the funds needed to produce the first 2000 bottles and getting the initial marketing budget to launch the brand.

The crowdfunding pledges are from a special thanks on the website for a symbolic contribution, to bottles and their special coffin, official Zombie Blood® merchandising or your zombification illustration. No doubt, one of the most special perk is the entrance to a private party in a Spanish abandoned village, completing a weekend full of creepy activities, high adrenaline and… zombies!, of course.

Zombie Blood® is not just a spirit. The base of the project has already been developed, including an international marketing strategy to launch in United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands and other European countries, as well as USA and Canada.

About Zombie Blood®

Zombie Blood® is a promising project, which goal is conquering the night. A team of young Spanish entrepreneurs have decided to enlist in this adventure in order to achieve their goal: launching a unique product, based on a stunning brand and promising international future.

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