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Book Review: The Killer Book of Serial Killers – Author Tom & Mike Philbin

by Tom & Mike Philbin
Published by Sourcebooks Trade
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Black /White – 352 pages
Price: $14.95

If you dare call a book on serial killers a great read then this book is for you! Co-authored by the brothers Mike And Tom Philbin we have a greatest hits of the the most vilest men on the planet. A simple read though of 2 or 3 chapters will solidify that fact. Though there’s nothing wrong with keeping it interesting and fun to read and that’s exactly what they did. One of the cooler design setups I’ve seen on a serial killer book or any book for that matter, “The Killer Book of Serial Killers” has it all , photos, profiles, quotes , death scene images and even a “test your serial killer IQ” section. Chapters are easy to read, marked with bold highlights, nice breakaway side notes, and eye catching isolated quotes.

The writers take you though each scum bag one at a time with a very easy and engaging reading style that presents the chapters more like short stories of the killers in profile. No, it’s not an exhausting overwhelming dictionary of every thing the killers ever did , it’s more a introduction, presentation of facts, gory details and a where they are now sort of resolve for each of these notorious butchers. There is alot of profiles covered here! So you get the best of the worst in small quantities that will keep you still appalled enough to get the goods and still find your self uncomfortable in your own chair. The power of this read I believe is the authors ability to dumb it down to non crime educated readers so that we can share in the stories like a camp counselor sitting around a fire telling tales of evil doers. I found it hard to put down actually. There is nothing boring here. In fact the writers don’t hold back on telling you the exact word for word details on these horrendous crimes.

One of the things that occurred to me while reading is that this a book that most might hesitate to pick up in fear of sideways glances and poisoning of the minds. However I do believe that to live in ignorance is far worse. There is alot to learn from these persons acts that can help your awareness as a human being and what to look for in others. Many of these reports have some stupid circumstances surrounding them , such as Bundy and his “help me with these groceries in my van” routine. Didn’t anyone learn from the “Silence of Lambs” movies?. Or how about Albert Fish and his let me take your daughter with me routine. These men prey on human stupidity and a certain cleverness to fool those who will be left fooled. Gary Heidnik was as crazed as any top run movie serial madman though it wasn’t fiction. The details of his exploits define new levels of human cruelty.

Did you know what really happen to the body in strangulation? The writers even provided that bit of information for us. Dahmer, Berkowitz, Ramirez…you may recognize these famous names however in addition you get alot more that you may have ever knew about. How about Ridgway, Glatman, Hansen and Desalvo? You think you’ve heard the worst of them ….guess what? you haven’t! Each individual has there own reign of terror and specific horrific details that sets the apart from the other. Ed Gein’s passion for making furniture out of human body parts paints images only seen in movies. Richard Ramirez who seems like a work of fiction still lives today awaiting his execution. Their intro quotes seem to say it all. “I love to kill people. I love watching them die. .. I told one lady to give me her money. she said no, so I cut her and pulled her eyes out.” – Ramirez

Very impressive collection and entertaining volume of diabolical acts and the dark folks behind them. A keeper of a reference and late night entertainment reveal into the men and women of the evil natures of humanity. A bedtime story for adults with no happy endings. You can pick up book at:

Available at SourceBooks

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