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Book Review: Crime Seen – Author Michaelbrent Collings

Crime-Seen-BookCRIME SEEN
By Michaelbrent Collings
231 Pages

A police detective Evan White is haunted by the murder of his wife Val. As the body count rises a relentless killer is hell bent and determined to show Evan his wife’s murder was only the beginning to all the carnage around them.

Author Michaelbrent Collings delivers in spectacular suspense fuelled action in Crime Seen. His infectious style and prose lures the reader instantly into the fray of action from paragraph one. A mysterious caller contacts Detective White and his chilling message captivates the readership with ease.

Rather you’re familiar with Collings’ work or this is first time venture few can argue the impact the reading journey has on us. To delve into his work is to ravenously consume page after page until the very final exciting climax. Very few will be able to put Crime Seen down and more will polish this gripping adventure within two to three sessions.

A strong female character, Angela is a most welcome counterpoint to the protagonist Evan White. Her presence will appeal to a vast contemporary audience. It’s refreshing to see an independent, resilient woman make an impact that will appeal to a much more diverse demographic. Collings has crafted his development well best utilizing his potential universal market. As more readers can relate to the central characters, it’s only natural and fitting they’ll return for more.

The author’s delicate blend of dialogue, action and exposition makes the story writing process appear easy. It translates fluently unto the reader making it easily digested and addictive from the get go. We’re privy to a vast assortment of back history in Detective White’s life without the prose coming across as overindulgent or engaging in an over abundance of exposition.

Inner monologue from White’s point of view accentuates the show not tell style of story writing. Although the bulk of Crime Seen is penned in third person the overall impression is from within. We get the full spectrum of White’s inner turmoil, no easy feat for even the most consummate writer.

A wide assortment of settings such as the bar, a mystic’s shop and police quarters provides intrigue unto the reader. Like the old saying goes a change of scenery never hurts. Collings always manages to spice things up in the locale department forever breathing fresh circumstances for his characters to interact in.

The elements surrounding White’s relationship seems to ooze of dysfunction. At first glance it may appear difficult to get behind someone so screwed up. Yet the readership will undoubtedly be able to identify with his fallacies calling them their own. Somehow his inadequacies excuse our own and we wish to prevail vicariously through his misadventures. Essentially his faults and insecurities further enhance his humanistic side as we can’t wait to find out more about the ill fated Detective White.

Some most notable, memorable dialogue takes place between Angela and Evan that is worth the price of admission alone. The dynamic of their relationship is touching if not comical at times. The humorous interlude provides a necessary break in the bleak, dread fuelled investigation of the murders.

A final climax unfolds that most readers could not possibly predict coming. Crime Seen is a must read for hard core Collings enthusiasts and a brilliant start for those in unchartered literary waters.

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