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Horror Funding: MISKATONIC WEST: A web series based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft

Miskatonic University has a West Coast campus, and it is the center of an attempt to awaken the primordial god Dagon from the vast unknown depths of the Pacific Ocean in “Miskatonic West,” a new webseries set in H.P. Lovecraft’s literary universe. Professor Sousaku Kaos, head of the Biology department, and his intrepid students pull back the curtain on a world of monsters, magic, and mystery as they race against time to stop the Esotoric Cult of Dagon from their eldritch undertaking. Will Kaos and his students prevail, or will the Esoteric Cult of Dagon succeed in unleashing unnameable horrors into the world?


Miskatonic West is the creative spawn of  Harry Kakatsakis and Noah James Butler, who are currently crowd funding to help make the inaugural episode. The creators hope that their efforts will in turn launch a complete first season.

Kakatsakis says, “The series is a grounded and suspenseful take on the world of H.P. Lovecraft as seen through a 21st century, West Coast lens.” Butler concurs, “We hope to bring the same verisimilitude and pervading sense of doom that Lovecraft brought to the page. And of course, there will be plenty of close encounters with the monstrous and supernatural.”

Harry Kakatsakis is the director of the award winning short, “Admissions,” starring James Cromwell. Noah James Butler is an actor who may be seen in “Primrose Lane,” “A.N.T. Farm,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Miskatonic West stars Ken Narasaki, veteran of film and television, as Sousaku Kaos. The series is written by Harry Kakatsakis and Andrew Moore, playwright and co-creator of the web series, Levon and Otis Picture Show Review.

“The Southern California setting gives us the opportunity to contribute something new to the Mythos while honoring Lovecraft’s original work,” says Moore. “After all, we know who waits dreaming in the Pacific Ocean.”




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