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Horror Funding: 12 Kilometers

All great creations are born from destruction. From fissures leak the primal juices of dreams and nightmares. Inspiration comes from traversing the darkest corridors of our minds. Through these excavations, we are baptized by staring down our demons. Through facing our darkness, we are reborn.


Director Mike Pecci (Grindhouse Shorts / The Dead Can’t Be Distracted) knows these corridors all too well. While ice skating for the first time earlier this year, Pecci slipped and cracked his skull open, suffering a hematoma and multiple concussions. Five days in intensive care, over two months of recovery time and a flood of painkillers later, a storyline began to emerge in the form of Pecci’s original horror film, “12 Kilometers.”

“12 Kilometers was originally an idea I had for a short four years ago,” says Pecci. I read about this drill team in Russia that had drilled the deepest hole known to man. A Christian media outlet got their hands on the news and claimed that the Russians were lowering microphones into the planet and heard the sounds of hell. Inspired by that, I wrote a short about a drill team that finds an organism at 12KM that can communicate physically and is triggered by sound. It scared the hell out of me as a short, but I wanted it to become something bigger, so I shelved it. The adventure I went on while recovering from my head injury gave me the connective tissue I needed to create a world under the influence of this creature. A world after 12 Kilometers!”

This will mark the first major film release from McFarland & Pecci, a company who has been creating Emmy nominated and  award winning music videos and short film for over 9 years.

“I want to create a proof of concept explaining where this creature comes from and how it works.  As I was writing the feature, the Russian backstory slowly got pushed out for time. It’s such a fun and exciting original that I thought, ‘Let’s make it a 20 minute short. Let’s show folks what we can do! Then let’s make the feature!’”

There are a few exciting aspects of the film. First, it takes place in 1980’s Russia, so the look and feel will be that of an old John Carpenter film. Second, Pecci is determined to do all his effects practically on set and in front of a camera. He just started shooting the creature effects with Micro Photographer and biochemist, Linden GeldHill. http://www.lindengledhill.com/

“Linden’s work is amazing. I found it while researching different options for our creature.   Linden has the ability to create the setting for unseen universes and never-before-filmed images on a stage the size of a dime. It’s really cool stuff. Really scary!”

Most of the film is self-financed, but Pecci is reaching out to his fans for some completion funds.

“We start principal photography in September, and I just need a little bit more for some expensive gear and props. I also want to get the audience involved early-on, because feedback is an important part of our process. We worked hard on the incentives for our kickstarter to offer some really cool incentives and collectables(original concept art from comic book artists Orlando Baez & Ben Templesmith). Supporters should get something more for their donation that just a copy of the film.”

“I’m really excited with this project and can’t wait to show you guys what we have been working on.  A lot of people were bummed out when we couldn’t show “The Dead Can’t Be Distracted” but know this: It’s the same crew – same creative team – but with a wildly new idea that will scare the crap outta you!”


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