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Horror Funding: Man VS Killer Clown

Join us in a celebration of all things horror in the exciting new TV series MAN VS MONSTERS! This extraordinary reality challenge will pit people from all walks of life against monsters from classic and contemporary horror and science fiction films, television and literature. Over the course of this series, we’ll be going on an incredible adventure: exploring the ancient tomb of the Mummy, meeting Zombies and Vampires, visiting a shape-shifting Haunted house, traveling to the limits of outer space and even the depths of Hell itself. Our brave contestants will confront these terrifying challenges and there is only one rule: Don’t Get Caught. The series pilot will take place in a Fun House, where a hungry and prank playing Killer Clown resides, waiting for new victims. Our contestants think they can outwit him, but who will ultimately make the cut? Contribute to our campaign to earn one of a kind rewards and find out!

When I prepared the demo footage (you can check out some clips on our Kickstarter video,) I realized what makes the reality format so compelling: when people did the challenge, they responded to it in completely different ways, and used completely different tactics to solve the problem the challenge presented. In this way the challenge is very revealing about the people who choose to take it, and becomes the content of the show itself. Our production is very unique in that our challenges are very intense both psychologically and physically. These games are designed to SCARE and even intimidate, you’ll be really surprised to see who actually makes it to the end! We have selected a group of contestants from vastly different backgrounds, and expect to see a huge variety of approaches to how people will resolve to outwit the Killer Clown and the mysterious Fun House of Terror, and that the reactions and responses will be priceless and enormously entertaining. The specificity of our challenges and the diversity our production showcases makes for a really unique completed production, you simply won’t see anything like this anywhere else. And it’s not just scary, it’s totally fun. Our production team will be presenting imaginative interpretations curated from the rich history of classic and contemporary film, literature and art that acts as source material for the themes and motifs for our production, and we see an unparalleled creative opportunity to create a remarkable aesthetic experience that can genuinely be shared and enjoyed by people all over the world.

The Kickstarter campaign is tailored in a way that we could connect intimately with our fans and sought to make this a one of a kind opportunity for the audience to participate in this exciting new project. Production will take place in New York, but through our rewards and incentives we have several ways you can participate in the production regardless of where you are located. Live here, or want to make the trip? Come to our screening party to meet the cast and celebrate what we made. Opening night is the best part, when we can come together with all the people who made it possible. It is an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience, and we really hope you’ll take part! Get an official poster, meet and greet other horror fans, and mingle with the cast and crew at our after-screening party. There are also numerous awards including collectables and keepsakes from our show, as well as limited edition original artwork. Come behind the scenes and earn one of a kind backstage instant photos taken by our cast and crew during the production. See the magic that takes place during visual F/X rehearsal in the Fun House, or watch our amazing makeup artists bring the Monster to life on our official DVD. As a campaign supporter at any level you will have access to private updates featuring videos, photos and behind the scenes footage you won’t see anywhere else and be the first to know about super-secret production updates, including the highly anticipated announcement of the our host for our series! You’ll also be the first to get to know the contestants selected, with video biographies released throughout the campaign. Other incentives will allow you to see the show, trailer and clips prior to public release. Our goal is to have the pilot ready for screening during Halloween 2014. We can only make this a reality if this campaign is successful. From there we hope to turn this into an ongoing series for many years to come, with mind blowing episodes and adventures in store. Hope to see you there! – Jocelyn Marquis

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Production is intense. Things go wrong, people flake out, equipment breaks down, and although you can never completely anticipate what is going to go wrong, invariably something does. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and am thus uniquely equipped to plan for all such contingencies as could arise on such a dynamic production as this. My incredible partner in crime, Marcos Bernal-Salas, doubles my experience will be overseeing every aspect through post production with me. We are both extremely motivated and completely committed to an incredible outcome for this production. I’ve been planning and researching it for three years now, and the demo footage I prepared last year in New Orleans (see video) was very helpful towards cultivating a production methodology that will be cost effective and ensure success.

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