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Horror Funding: Lost Skeleton of Cadavra “Trequel” on Kickstarter

The Bantam Street folks are pushing the third and final chapter of the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra on Kickstarter.

Larry Blamire and crew are pulling out all the stops this time, complete with midcentury horror goodness complete with a massive Kaiju ending. This group really has become the Christopher Guest troupe of camp, horror comedy and classic indie films.




At the center of this series is one of the most expensive and complex movie monsters ever conceived. Actually, he began as a plastic skeleton used for medical studies and cost around 98.00 on eBay. The original LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA was conceived as a loving spoof of bargain basement 1950s scifi-horror movies and a skeleton seemed so absolutely basic (and cheap), particularly amusing when given a stentorian, arrogant and bitingly sarcastic demeanor; far haughtier than his feeble presence could justify. We’re not sure where he came from, we’re not even sure exactly what he wants. Aside from the absolute power atmosphereum can give him and something like world domination.


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