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Book Review: The Handy Science Answer Book – Author The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

The-Handy-Science-Answer-Book-The-Carnegie-LibraryI say this with complete honesty, “The Handy Science Answer Book” may be just one of the most interesting all around reads for any occasion. Whether you are a student, a professor, a trivia wiz or just a curious reader looking for quick information about subjects that might escape you, this book is really a treat in surprise.

Packed full of tidbits of information, the science book tackles short snippets of information about “everything science” and related. Sure you can read it front to back, but I found my favorite approach is to just pick it up for a few minutes a day to learn the details of some of life’s greatest mysteries and curiosity points whether here on earth or far beyond.

So what does this read entail after such an extreme segue?

As you can imagine, science spans over alot of subject material. The authors took the approach of dividing common interest subjects into separate chapters. Mathematics and technology, Earth, Biology, animals, environment, plants and the Human Body are just to name a few. The “Handy” book series has books dedicated entirely to each of these subjects, so in the interest of keeping things lighter, the publishers kept it just under 700 pages. Subjects are then divided in a Q & A approach using common interest questions.

The technology section might be a great start for less than savvy computer enthusiasts who might wonder what a floppy disk “was”, or maybe its just a matter of getting quick answers on the storage capacities of old antiquated mediums. Computer languages…ever wonder who invented “each of them? Search Engines, Google or simply a matter of how information is sent…………. these are surely great trivia questions to whip out like a wizard at a social event.

Perhaps your more of a scientific enthusiast? How about energy and where it comes from? Every wonder about boomerangs or sonic waves themselves? Sounds frequencies summaries could sure aid in a pinch while further questions about magnetism, gamma radiation and electricity might be just enough know how to challenge your comic book fan buddies. Star dust, celestial orbits, black holes, the man on the moon, or some quick tidbits about who is keeping the search for extraterrestrial life alive are all great starting points.

“Climate and weather” gets into the subjects of hurricanes, rainbows, tornadoes and the simplicity of just plain old rain falls. Beyond science facts, the book takes a look at weather fatalities, hurricanes names and the accuracy of the Old Farmers almanac.

As you can tell just in review , the subject matter jumps around like an electron being heated up to the befit of educating adults, children and students to some pretty cool facts. If one area is not your ticket, surely another area is.

Gardeners can even learn about weeds, dangerous plants and important nutrients….cool eh?

The book was compiled by The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, so you know your in good company!

“The Handy Science Answer Book” brings the best of its Handy series under 1 roof with great emphasis on trivia . You might be hard pressed with trying to memorize this book, but surely you could equip yourself with the chops to win a few game board rounds. Plain and simple, this is a great book that will have more use than your extensive collection of novels never to be read again. If you are still in school, then perhaps you can impress your teachers with some basic fact based in insight….Give it try and check this book and more at the Visible Ink web site

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