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Cullen Bunn’s Night Trap brings Horror to the Lion Forge Universe

ST. LOUIS — Nov. 13, 2013 — Digital publisher Lion Forge Comics today released the first issue of Night Trap written by Cullen Bunn. It is now available through the ComicsPlus App and Amazon. The new digital series bolsters Lion Forge’s existing slate of 1980s and ‘90s-inspired titles, including Airwolf and Knight Rider, and is the company’s first foray into the horror genre.

The first issue of Night Trap sets the stage for a suspenseful story stretching across eight issues. In the terrifying comic, a group of co-eds sets out for a relaxing weekend at a beautiful lake house, but the gorgeous backdrop quickly turns grisly when they encounter a murder-hungry madman who has watched a few too many splatter flicks. What follows is a gory maze of blood and pain, with death as the only likely escape.

Cullen Bunn, author of horror comic The Sixth Gun, wrote Night Trap as an homage to 1980s and ‘90s slasher films. Although it bears the same name as the video game, Bunn created an original story, influenced by the ‘90s video game, Night Trap, and other titles in the horror genre.

“I watched a lot of scary movies and slasher films growing up in the ‘80s; those movies were always fun as long as you liked being scared,” said Cullen Bunn, writer of Night Trap. “I wrote Night Trap as a brutal, harrowing adventure in homage to the films that inspired me.”

“With its nod to horror movies from the 1980s and ‘90s, Night Trap fits well within our catalog of digital comics,” said David Steward II, founder and CEO, Lion Forge. “The series will not only make readers nostalgic for those movies, but it might just make them look over their shoulders, or think twice about renting that secluded cabin in the woods.”

Night Trap is illustrated by J.B. Bastos, with Robby Bevard as colorist.

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