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WITHOUT REMORSE Signs Kellie Madison to Direct

Kellie Madison has signed on to direct the crime drama horror thriller Without Remorse based on Dr. Vonda Pelto’s book of the same name. The feature film will depict Pelto’s time as a psychologist at the L.A. County Men’s Central Jail in the early 80’s when she was tasked with preventing suicides among the high profile serial killers such as The Freeway Killers and Hillside Stranglers. Madison, who is a finalist with her film The Caul in Ron Howard’s ‘Project Imagination,’ is set to direct her own thriller titled Hotel 33 for Emmett/Furla Films this winter. In bringing Without Remorse to the big screen she will helm a script adapted by Cassius Shuman and Jim Koski. The graphic thriller, based on a true story, includes authentic dialogue from the serial killers that Pelto treated during her tenure in the jail. Shuman, Koski and Kim Estes will produce under their Tucker Road Productions banner in partnership with producers Dwjuan Fox and Nicolas Emiliani of Decipher Entertainment. The producers are seeking to cast an actress in the female lead role with an eye on a spring 2014 production.

Film Depicts Dr. Vonda Pelto’s Experience Working with High Profile Serial Killers at the L.A. County Men’s Central Jail

“Sometimes… I’d get tense and think I was gonna go crazy if I couldn’t get some release, like my head would explode. So I’d go out huntin’. Killin’ (those boys) helped me… It was like… needin’ to go gamblin’ or gettin’ drunk. I had to do it.”
–William Bonin, known as the Freeway Killer

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