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Hot New Stills from Go Go Girls vs the Nazis: Robomonkey Redux

Go Go Girls vs the Nazis: Robomonkey Redux” is an over-the-top homage to Russ Meyer’s films and re-imagined as if Dyanne Thorne, of Ilsa fame, was one of the protagonists.


From an original concept by Wayne Clingman, Robomonkey set out to create a product that would please fans of exploitation cinema. Funded by kickstarter and the Robomonkey Productions team, this featurette was shot in Montreal, Canada over a period of three days and stars Melantha Blackthorne as Doctor Helz Von Grawe, the malevolent leader of a band of Nazis hellbent on jump-starting the “Fourth Reich.” Standing in the way of our evil protagonists are the sexy and sassy sharp-shooting heroes we call the Go Go Girls! When Tempest Brown’s (Gara Nlandu) lover, Boom Boom
(Leyda Aleydi) is kidnapped and forced to become the victim of genetic manipulation, Tempest assembles a crack team of smokin’ hot vixens: Lollipop D’Amour (Catherine Castellucci), Bang Bang (Tomomi Morimoto), and Ambrosia LaFlamme (Angie Laroque) who storm into action and invade the Nazi headquarters.



Fans of action and exploitation should find “Go Go Girls vs the Nazis: Robomonkey Redux” a tasty morsel of cinematic trash. “Big Boobs! Big Guns!

Big Trouble!!!”




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