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How Do You Feel About DAWN OF THE DEAD – 3D


We’re not talking a remake here, this is George Romero’s original classic remastered in 3D.

This appears to be pretty much done already with an expected Fall completion date. DEADLINE broke the news from Comic Con that producer Richard Rubenstein, who owns the rights to DAWN is spearheading the project and had the following to say about it:

“It is proving to be more 3D-friendly than many films, because George’s style was to compose within the frame, rather than across frames,” Rubenstein told me. “That means there is a lot of action within each frame, from front to back, and it makes the conversion process more friendly. It’s like you’re moving the audience closer to the movie. What I didn’t want to do is not edit anything George did in his original movie, and nothing has been altered in this process,” with the exception of a couple of technical credits of the conversion companies that became partners in this effort. They are the Korea-based Stereo Pictures Media Inc conversion house with backing from DNext Media. Converting the film has cost in the $6 million range, which is something considering the original cost around $685,000.”

No word as of yet on exactly what they will do with the film once completed but I would assume a major theatrical release is the goal and that my friends would be an interesting thing to see.

How do you feel about this? I’m curious as to what the fan reaction to this news is going to be. Post away and tell me your thoughts.


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  1. The Black Saint

    AW COME ON! Enough is enough already…


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