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Release Details For ALYCE KILLS Finally Emerge

We’ve been talking about this one for a while now but the one thing we didn’t know was when would it be hitting home video? Problem solved, tonight brought a brand spanking new press release and in it lies all the info we need on this special, special film.

From the Press Release
Chaos unleashes when ALYCE KILLS comes to DVD August 20 from Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment, Bloody Disgusting Selects and The Collective. The nightmarish wonderland of sex, drugs and violence is directed by Jay Lee (Zombie Strippers) and features a killer cast, including Tamara Feldman (Hatchet, “Gossip Girl”), James Duval (Donnie Darko, Doom Generation), Eddie Rouse (Pandorum, Undertow), Larry Cedar (The Crazies), Yorgo Constantine (Fast Five), Megan Gallagher (“Millennium”), Rena Owen (Once Were Warriors), Tracey Walter (Repo Man, Batman), Bret Roberts (May, Nightstalker) and Jade Dornfeld in her film debut as the titular character Alyce.

Panicked by the horror of accidentally pushing her best friend off the edge of a building, Alyce (Dornfeld) becomes entangled in a web of lies with the police about her involvement. When she finds out her friend miraculously survived, Alyce’s life begins to unravel with guilt as she loses sleep, her job and eventually her sanity. Alyce finally decides to take back control of the situation but realizes there is only one way to hide her secret. Watch Alyce’s mind tear itself apart, along with anyone who gets in her way, when ALYCE KILLS arrives on DVD August 20 for the suggested retail price of $14.93. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews and the official trailer, the film will also be available for digital download.


Life takes a downward spiral for Alyce after a night of partying goes terribly wrong and she accidentally pushes her best friend off of a building. Panicked, Alyce lies to the police about her involvement. When she later learns that her friend miraculously survived, she begins to unravel, losing sleep, her job and eventually her sanity. When she eventually decides to take control, she unleashes enough chaos to satisfy any gorehound.

A new one sheet was attached as well and look real close cause you’re gonna see a blurb from horrornews.nets own Doc Rotten featured front and center. Had to give my good friend a plug…

Here’s the trailer for your consumption as well:

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