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Top 10 Scariest: Youtube Edition – Part 1

Top 10 Scariest: Youtube Edition
by Michael James Grise

Youtube is full of videos and every once in a while you happen to stumble one one that gives you chills. The scary thing is that it’s hard to tell if these video are fictional. Now there definitely is some very obvious hoax videos out there but, are some of these real? Here is my list of the videos that I personally think are either real or just creeped me out. Enjoy and try and get a good night sleep after reading.

10) the moving doll
This is a very short but eerie video. All it shows is a young teen holding an oversized doll. I personally can’t understand the dialogue since its in Spanish. But as soon has times is about to run out the dolls upper torso turned towards the girl. Thus making her panic hand throw it out of her hands. Real? I hope not because it might be a short video but it is creepy.

9) kid pulled by ghost
A young boy from Jamaica is shown in this video with a news crew. Why? He supposedly is being harmed by a spirit. As he gets interview he gets pulled not once but twice! And in two different locations. I studies this video and slowed it down and I believe it’s not a hoax. I actually feel bad for the kid but at the same time creeped out. There is more videos of these incidences with the same boy.

8) hallway ghost
Imagine seeing a crying ghost sitting in your hallway. You don’t have to imagine it anymore, it’s in this video. It’s a terrifying video of a crying figure on the floor. The video gets scarier when the guy behind the camera shuts the door on the entity. He then gets brave and opens the door to a very scary sight. I’m not going to give it away but trust me when I say the scare factor is at a 10.

7) Dorset ghost investigators
The DGI is a group of British paranormal investigators that hold a lot of evidence. These videos are damn good and extremely convincing. Recently youtube has been putting a ban on their videos for no apparent reason. Maybe they revealed evidence they shouldn’t have. I think it’s a very suspicious case and youtube is hiding something. They are trying to self fund a website with all their footage and you can help.


Everyone has heard of him and he is truly terrifying. Real or not it’s a creepy story that even had me on edge. He kidnapped and leaves them to be never seen again. Also his blank face supposedly is so scary that it will make you freeze up.One of the scariest things about horror is the unknown and he fits that category perfectly. Alien? Human? Creature? It’s a nightmarish story with scary evidence.

Part 2 Coming Soon


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